The ABC’s Of Death (2012)


This movie is the reason why Daddy is no longer allowed to pick the horror movies. Mommy had been really busy doing stuff and asked him to research horror movies so we could watch a good one. Daddy went through all the movies on Netflix and picked this one. At first it looked really interesting. I was in my favorite movie watching spot. I like being as close to the movie as possible so I can feel like I am in the movie. Bagheera was already hiding behind Daddy. Bagheera really hates anything remotely scary and he REALLY doesn’t like gore at all. He is such a baby.

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Emelie (2016)

Mommy and me decided to watch Emelie while Daddy had duty one night. I hate when he has duty because that means he won’t be until early the next morning. That means I have to share Mommy with Bagheera (who is a whiny baby especially during scary movies). The trailer for this movie looked really good.

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